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Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t get the results you’re looking for?


Maybe you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting.  You feel like you’re constantly trying to diet and lose weight but somehow you end up stuck in the same place.


Maybe you’ve tried low/no sugar diets, keto diets, weight watchers, 75 hard, but none of them were realistic and you just couldn’t stick to it.


Or maybe you feel like you’re in a constant state of stress, always feeling overwhelmed, abusing emotional eating, and not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep at night leaving you feeling tired ALL THE TIME.


I help women just like you implement an approach that actually WORKS and will change your life!


This program is for individuals who are ready to get their life back, end the cycle of falling back into back habits, and have the guidance and knowledge to expedite their progress and feel in control of their physical results.  On average, you can expect to lose between 15-50 lbs (depending on the timeframe) while improving your relationship with food and gaining total confidence in maintaining your results for life.


We work together for 3, 6 or 12 months on the following things:



1. Mindshift Mastery - To make lasting change, you have to start by changing your mind. Not only working on your mindset but also working  on reframing your identity, the way you think, the way you react to situations, etc. We do this by focusing on future self work.  This process will explain why no other program has worked for you and why it wasn't your fault.  By identifying the habits and behaviors that are holding you back from changing and creating new habits and behaviors that are aligned with your goals you will be able to unlock your true potential, feel more like yourself, and understand how this can actually be sustainable.

2. Macro Mastery - This is where we dive deep into learning more about nutrition but also about what foods make you feel best. Choosing foods that will help you be more productive, be in a better mood throughout the day, and feel more like yourself. Experience with macronutrients is NOT necessary.  You will learn to categorize foods as macronutrients, build meals that fuel your body and make you feel good, and track macros IF we decide that's a good fit for you.

3. Lifestyle Integration - This step will teach you how to live life on your terms while achieving the body you desire.  This means integrating social events, alcohol, family dinners, date nights, and foods you enjoy into your plan.  This is a key part in the process to ensure that you never gain the weight back. If you’ve over consumed on pizza or cookies or wine and then given up, that’s a red flag that you have missed this crucial step in the process.

We address the above items in the order that makes the most sense for you and your unique situation and make changes based on what's working.

Many of the women I work with live busy lives juggling work, family, and social obligations; this process has to make sense for all the demands in your life in order for the results to last forever.  I am also skilled in helping clients with hormonal, metabolic, and gut health issues to feel their best and achieve their body composition goals. 

You will get weekly check-ins through loom videos and 24/7 text support to help you through this process. Each week at the check-in you will send over a detailed document reflecting on how the past week went and we then look at your progress and make specific recommendations on what exactly to change or implement in the following week. You will also have access to my app which includes a video library of hundreds of exercises so we build a gym routine that works for you and your lifestyle.

I have to say the level of access and accountability here is unmatched!

In order to qualify for this offer you must meet the following criteria:

-You’re truly committed. I want you to get the most out of this program.  And in order to do that you need to be fully committed.

-You’re ready to change your lifestyle.  This isn’t another “diet” or “meal plan” for you to follow.  This is truly learning how to become the healthiest most confident version of yourself and that will involve making small changes to your lifestyle.

-You’re tired of the mental energy you’ve spent trying to figure this out on your own or with other programs that don’t work.  I don’t want you to waste any more time or energy on cookie cutter programs that leave you in the same or worse position than when you started.


The price for my program is a respectable low to mid 4 figure, depending on the program length, which is a small price compared to the physical results you’ll receive, the confidence you’ll have when looking at yourself in the mirror, the mental energy that will save you, no longer having to worry or stress about your physical results.. not to mention the money you’ll save not ever having to invest in another program or coach again.


There is also have a month to month payment option bringing the rate as low as $350/mo.  Check out my "Coaching Services" page for specific pricing on all programs. 


If you’re ready to achieve fat loss that stays off, build muscle and feel strong, get toned and gain confidence, have accountability and guidance, and finally get your life back then this is the program for you.

Welcome to FITFAM where I help women lose 15-50 lbs by changing their lifestyle, breaking those bad habits, and getting a toned body all while improving their relationship with food and gaining confidence! 


My goal is to give you the knowledge, guidance, and accountability needed to create a healthier lifestyle and set you up to be successful and maintain your results on your OWN in the future.

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  • Weekly check-ins via loom video

  • 24/7 text support 

  • Individual nutrition planning and macro coaching.  If you do not want to track macros we will utilize food choices and portion guidelines to reach your goals.

  • Custom habit and goal building

  • Mindset work to break bad habits and build new ones 

  • Individualized workouts (home or gym)

  • Demonstration video tutorials for every exercise including audio and written cues 




Gluten free
Celiacs disease



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